Why Data Center Hosting May Be Right for You


Increasingly, business owners are choosing use private cloud services; also called IT managed service providers, for their business data and apps.

This means an off-site data center hosts their important data and resources. With MPG online, making the big move to IT cloud computing is easy and hassle free. There are numerous advantages to using cloud servers for hosting your data. Check out these six data center hosting benefits:

6 Benefits of Using Private Cloud Services

  • COST REDUCTION: When you move your services to the cloud, you’ll experience significant savings in IT equipment and software expenditures. Plus, your data and services will be hosted on top line servers at no additional cost.
  • INCREASED SECURITY AND DATA PROTECTION: The cloud gives an added layer of security and protection to your sensitive data. Not only is physical access to the servers restricted, but data centers also have high-level firewalls and intrusion detection services. These protect your information from intruders and security breaches.
  • SCALABLE: As your business changes, so do your data and resource needs. If you house your servers and data in-house, you may need to wait months before adjusting your resources up or down. By using an IT managed service provider like MPG online to handle your needs, you can add or remove bandwidth and resources much more quickly – sometimes within a few hours.
  • POWER REDUNDANCY: A downed transformer or power surge during a storm could have potentially disastrous results for your data. Implementing your own power redundancy system is expensive and difficult to manage. Data centers typically use a combination of generators, backup power sources, and high-level cooling systems to keep your data safe during power outages or surges.
  • RELIABILITY: Due to the power redundancy and top-notch equipment, data centers provide a much higher level of network reliability than in-house solutions.
  • FASTER PERFORMANCE, BETTER CONNECTIVITY: Data centers have the resources to procure the best Internet services and power rates available. You’ll enjoy better performance and higher speeds. Connections are fast, responsive, and secure.

In addition to these great advantages of the cloud, you’ll also have the friendly, attentive support of MPG online IT professionals – people who know you and know your business.

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